A scary book, closed with a lock



And it’s a game.

You get points for predicting how your friends answer a series of questions.

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How to play:
a slideshow

First, give each player a yes/no card.

Cards are used to:
Answer the questions and
Predict other player's answers.
Now decide who's going
to ask the questions.

Give that person the book.

That person chooses a question...

And which player is going to answer.

The reader asks a question...

​And the answerer
considers their answer.

Players put their cards on the table...

And players reveal their cards
at the same time.

And those who predicted
correctly get a point!

Those whose predictions were incorrect feel a deep sense of shame.

Play continues with a new question for the next player.

At the end of each round,
the book is passed to a new reader.

The game ends after three rounds,
or after the first major argument.

It really is that easy!

Thanks for watching.

Malas Decisiones
is available now.

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The game comes in this cool packaging

And the book has 320 questions
(and they are in Spanish and English)
And it has 8 cards,
for up to 8 players.

And 12 black-and-white illustrations

Want to know more about the game?
Here's a FAQ.
Q. How many questions are included?
Over 320 questions in the main text, and around an extra 30 bonus questions. The game includes 8 answers cards (for up to 8 players).
Q. Where can I buy it?
Great question!
Online here, in real life here, here and here.
Q. Is the game family friendly?
I suppose it depends on the family.
Overall: not really.
Q. Who created it?
Joshy J wrote and illustrated the book. Lourdes Lorenzo translated it.

It was written and printed in Zaragoza, Spain, where Josh and Lourdes live.

​ Josh also created Do Not Open This Suitcase.

Lourdes's instagram is here.
Q. Is it a drinking game?
The book was created with support from Jägermeister.

But you don't have to drink if you don't want to.

You can buy the game right here: